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A Guide On The Correct Funeral Flower Etiquette

<h1>A Guide To The Correct Funeral Flower Etiquette</h1> <p>The decision on choosing what flowers would be most appropriate to pay tribute to a loved one is an essential arrangement to the funeral and one that you want to decide on perfectly. It can be daunting and difficult to know...

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The Significance of Material for Headstones

Headstones are incredibly personal, and should always be tailored to the person they’re commemorating. In addition to the inscription, shape, and flowers on a memorial, though, it’s extremely important to seriously consider the implications of the material you use. Granite Granite remains one of the most reliable and popular...

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An image of a graveyard, showing multiple headstones

Why Are Headstones Important?

Accepting that someone we love has gone is never easy, and no-one ever gets over it. Nor should anyone be expected to; it’s a heartbreaking part of life that everyone goes through at some point.   Regardless of the kind of funeral you opt for, many people choose to commemorate their loved one with...

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A picture of a grey stone headstone in a cemetery

Choosing the Right Type of Headstone

Knowing which headstone to choose can be extremely difficult, especially during a tough emotional time. With so many different types of headstone available, deciding on a style is never easy. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide to some of the different variations around, to help you make a more informed decision.  ...

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A picture of a man carrying flowers to someone's memorial

Three Advantages of the Repass, or Post-Funeral Reception

While not a prerequisite of a funeral service, the repass provides an excellent opportunity for friends and family to get together. After the sombre mood that normally accompanies a funeral service, the post-funeral reception often offers people the chance to reminisce in a more relaxed environment. Below, we’ve assembled some of the primary reasons...

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A picture of the Arc de Triomphe, one of the world's most famous memorials

Famous Memorials from Around the World

While memorials should, without doubt, be completely personal, there is sometimes a case for making a more public, well-known one. There are a number of incredibly well-known, high profile memorials throughout the world. Here, we take a brief look at a few of them, at at what makes them so special. Tomb of the...

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A picture of a number of different memorials, showing a number of different style and colour options to consider when choosing

Choosing the Right Memorial

Choosing the right memorial is never an easy task. Irrespective of the difficulty of finding the right style to match the person in question, having to choose at a tough time personally makes it a very hard thing to do. That is why Cope Memorials have put together a small advice post, to try...

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Headstone inscriptions on Frank Sinatra's grave

Famous Headstone Inscriptions

Headstone inscriptions are, for many people, one of the most intimidating aspects of choosing a memorial. An inscription will often include the name of the departed, the date of their birth and death, and sometimes some decorative engraving or artwork. Alongside these features, there may also be a prayer, a quote from the deceased...

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Baby angel sculpture for children's headstones

Choosing Children’s Headstones

As a parent, there is nothing more difficult than losing a child. Alongside the feelings of loss and hurt following their passing, you may also feel scared and overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing a headstone or memorial for your little one. Cope Memorials are here to let you know that you are not...

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