A Guide On The Correct Funeral Flower Etiquette

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<h1>A Guide To The Correct Funeral Flower Etiquette</h1>

<p>The decision on choosing what flowers would be most appropriate to pay tribute to a loved one is an essential arrangement to the funeral and one that you want to decide on perfectly. It can be daunting and difficult to know what funeral flower etiquette is appropriate. This requires a lot of thought and consideration. This guide on funeral flower etiquette will help answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction to what flowers would be most suitable and personal to your family and loved one.</p>

<p>Flowers at a funeral are a very significant symbol and can mean different things. Particularly, the colour of the flowers can have varied meanings. For example; red roses are a symbol of love, romance and desire; white roses represent innocence, purity and youthfulness; yellow roses are often given to the deceased by friends symbolising harmony and affection. It is important to understand the message you are wanting to hand over in tribute to your loved one.</p>

<h2>The Lilly</h2>

<p>Lillie’s tend to be the most popular flower for funeral services due to them representing innocence; majesty and purity. White lilies are the most preferred flower choice at funerals as they are symbolic of sympathy and they represent the soul leaving the body. Although lilies are very popular, there are an array of choices of different flowers that would be appropriate and available to offer for a funeral such as; carnations; chrysanthemums; gladioli and roses which all create beautiful displays for a funeral.</p>

<h2>Flower arrangements</h2>

<p>With the lovely variation of flowers that are available for funerals, there are diverse flower arrangements that are possible. It is important to understand the funeral flower etiquette of what arrangement would be most advisable to present.

Casket sprays are an arrangement of flowers that are normally organised by the immediate family. They are displayed directly on top of the coffin shaped like a diamond of flowers that can overhang beautifully.</p>

<p>Wreaths are another popular choice of flower arrangement. The beautiful circular design is versatile and conventional; it’s ideal for sending to a funeral as a sign of respect. You can customise your wreath to whichever colours and flowers you wish to.</p>

<p>Posies and baskets come in a variety of traditional or contemporary compositions that can be sent to the family or directly to the funeral. The ‘posy’ is traditionally circular shaped which allows the flowers to look elegant from all angles.</p>

<p>Sheaves or the ‘hand-tied’ sheaf are a perfect gesture to send directly to a funeral or home address. They are hand-created and display a beautiful and appropriate composition to pay tribute to a loved one or family of the deceased. </p>

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