Natural Stone Memorials

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image of stones in a cemetery

Beautiful Colour Ideas For Your Natural Stone Memorials

A stone memorial is a tribute to a loved one who is no longer around to share our joys and sorrow. For many people, a stone memorial serves as a link between themselves and the deceased person. While it may be difficult to choose the right natural stone memorial for a deceased loved one, choosing the right colour can be even more challenging.

Choosing the Right Colour for Natural Stone Memorial

It is best to choose a colour that reflects memories of the loved one. Here at Cope Memorials, we offer a wide range of colours that can help people appreciate and treasure the memories of their loved one. The colour can be used to express the story of the deceased person’s life so thinking back on your personal memories and special moments can help make the choice easier.

Range of Colours from Cope Memorials

Cope Memorials offers a range of colours when it comes to natural stone memorials. You can choose colours ranging from ebony black to emerald pearl and white marble plus many more; each one stunningly beautiful to create the perfect reminder of your loved one.

Typically, the colour of your stone memorial will depend on the carving, design or inscription on the stone. If there are complicated graphics, pictures or detailed inscription, the colour should be able to bring out the details and make the memorial stand out. In addition, personal preference most definitely plays a role.


For instance, if the deceased person was calm and collected, choosing the Bahama Blue coloured memorial may best reflect the person’s nature.


If a loved one had a zeal for life and enjoyed life to the hilt, a Ruby Red or Emerald Pearl colour memorial may be most appropriate.

Black/ Dark Grey

For a person who has lived his or her life to the full, ebony black or dark grey can be a good choice. Both symbolise a full circle, and at Cope Memorials, we can make beautiful bespoke natural stone memorials in elegant and sophisticated colours, such as these, to suit your personal preferences.


A white marble can symbolise purity and innocence, and may be a good choice when choosing a natural stone memorial for a child who has passed away. Children are pure and innocent, and white stone memorial might a good choice in such a case.

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