Coronavirus Advice: Arranging a Funeral

person washing hands to prevent spread of coronavirus Click image to view full size
person washing hands to prevent spread of coronavirus

Arranging or attending a funeral is a very emotional and personal time, and knowing what to do in these unprecedented times can be uncertain and ever-changing. 

Can you still attend a funeral?

Funerals are still allowed to go ahead as normally as possible. But. you should only attend if you are not self-isolating because you think you have coronavirus, or if you think someone you live with might have it. There are new rules in place such as only 10 people allowed in attendance and restricted to ‘close family members’ only to reduce the spread of the virus to attendees and staff.

When arranging or attending a funeral, you must consider the guidelines laid out by the government, including social distancing, good and thorough hand hygiene, avoiding physical contact and being mindful of others, particularly those in at-risk groups.

What changes on the day of the funeral?

There are certain precautions you should do on the day to avoid the spread of coronavirus:

  1. Wait outside your car until you’re asked to enter the building
  2. Don’t shake hands with anyone
  3. Bring hand sanitizer and use any hygiene products made available at the venue
  4. Allow staff to open and close doors to the service – this helps to restrict the number of people touching door handles
  5. Numbers of people in the venue are limited. Stick to any assigned seating plans and keep your distance from others
  6. You may be advised not to touch the coffin as you leave

Government Advice: Stay at home

The government has asked everyone in the UK to stay at home. This means you can only leave the house for limited reasons such as for food, medicine or daily exercise. All these measures have been put in place to help prevent the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

Contact Cope Memorials

The death of someone close to us is hard, but at the moment it may seem harder than usual as we’re more detached from our usual support network. Here at Cope Memorials, we understand how important it is to say goodbye to your loved one in a way which is personal and special to you. For beautiful and bespoke memorials and headstones, please contact our expert team of stonemasons by calling 01773 602 187 or by completing our quick and simple online contact form.