Why Are Headstones Important?

An image of a graveyard, showing multiple headstones Click image to view full size
An image of a graveyard, showing multiple headstones

Accepting that someone we love has gone is never easy, and no-one ever gets over it. Nor should anyone be expected to; it’s a heartbreaking part of life that everyone goes through at some point. Regardless of the kind of funeral you opt for, many people choose to commemorate their loved one with a headstone, or some kind of memorial.

For many people, choosing to commemorate a loved one with a headstone represents more than just a burial marker. Headstones or memorials ensure our loved one is remembered for generations. They also act as a reflection of the life lived by our loved one. Creating an atmosphere of peace, happiness and lasting memories for the person visiting their loved one. Here, we’re talking about the importance of that memorial, both in terms of what it represents and how it can help with the healing process.


Obviously, you don’t need a headstone to remember someone you’ve lost. Commemoration, however, brings those fond memories to life, in some ways. Creating something unique to represent a person after they’ve passed away can help to preserve their presence on earth. It’s all symbolic, of course, but it’s a nice touch that can help with the healing process in a number of ways.

Somewhere to visit

All of our points are very closely linked; the common theme is memory. Another advantage of a good headstone is that it offers people a place to come to remember their loved one. This can be done through leaving flowers, or something as simple as a five minute visit every few weeks. You don’t need a headstone to visit your loved one’s favourite place, but it offers a peaceful, quiet environment that hopefully isn’t too far away. Having somewhere to visit your loved one can be extremely comforting, and it offers a place for you to visit that is always going to be there.

Leaving a mark

It’s important to leave imprints on the world, and a headstone provides the perfect opportunity for your loved one to do exactly that. In 200 years’ time, when your loved one’s great, great, great, grandson is trying to piece together their family tree, having something physical, permanent for them to visit is extremely important. It’s always important to continue to create history, and headstones certainly help do that.

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