Ideas For Creative Cremation Services

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creatice cremation services- image is of a cremation service

Ideas For Creative Cremation Services

After a cremation, it can be difficult to decide on what to do with a loved one’s ashes. You want to create a special and personal concept that will be memorable to you and your family, but it can be difficult to decide on what. Here at Cope Memorials, we have created a lovely selection of creative cremation services that could help you decide on something unique and meaningful. Here are some of our ideas …

Planting a Tree in Their Memory

With the rising popularity of green funerals and cremation services becoming a more eco-friendly option, planting trees and flowers dedicated to your loved one has become extremely popular. This creates a beautiful example to others as it gives people a chance to think about the environment and give something back to it when they’re no longer here.

Planting a tree in memory of someone can be achieved by using a biodegradable urn with your loved one’s ashes and planting it into the soil combined with a seed. Planting a tree in memory of a loved one with their ashes creates a growing memory of someone that will be a living tribute and will continue to flourish.

Diamonds are Forever

Create an everlasting memory by integrating a loved one’s ashes into a diamond or form of jewellery. Whether it’s a diamond, necklace-locket, ring, or brooch, memorial jewellery is a truly stunning concept that can hold your memories of someone forever.

A Sea Ceremony

Cremation services can be as unique and imaginative as you like. Popular choices of scattering ashes can use the elements of the earth, (earth, air, fire and water) with water representing a particularly interesting choice. Many boat companies offer ash-scattering ceremonies for people to scatter their loved one’s ashes into the sea. For swimmers, fishermen, sailors, or people that had a connection with the water, this is a memorable send off to your loved one and a special way to celebrate their life.

From Ash to Art

Creating art from cremation ashes is a wonderful form of memorializing a loved one. Art can come in all kinds of forms, whether that’s using ashes mixed in with your materials to paint a portrait, or using them to create handcrafted glass and pottery. Utilising your creative skills with a loved one’s ashes can be a deeply personal and meaningful way to distribute them in the form of a special keepsake.

Light the Sky

Another creative and unique way to make a send off a significant and magical moment is to put on a beautiful firework display with their ashes. With the help of unique and certified companies that make this achievable, the self-fire fireworks contain an amount of cremated ashes with full instructions so you can send the ashes into the sky safely and create a beautiful display.


We hope you feel inspired after reading our blog on creative cremation services. If you would like to get in contact with our team here at Cope memorials or would like some more information on possible cremation services, or anything else surrounding headstones, please fill in an online enquiry form today, or give us a call on 07817187371.