Advantages of the Repass, or Post-Funeral Reception

A picture of a man carrying flowers to someone's memorial Click image to view full size
A picture of a man carrying flowers to someone's memorial

What is a funeral repass?

A funeral reception or repass is a gathering after a funeral service or memorial. Often these are open to everyone to attend. If so, then an invitation is announced prior to the funeral service, or at the end of the service by a clergy, family member or funeral director.

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Advantages of having a repass or post-funeral reception

While not a prerequisite of a funeral service, the repass provides an excellent opportunity for friends and family to get together. After the sombre mood that normally accompanies a funeral service, the post-funeral reception often offers people the chance to reminisce in a more relaxed environment. Below, we’ve assembled some primary reasons and advantages to holding a repass after a funeral service.

A chance to laugh

Often, the actual funeral service is a sad occasion, with little room for smiling and joking. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with conduction in a more light-hearted funeral service, but most of the time the occasions are dominated by feelings of sadness. The repass represents an opportunity for people to laugh, smile, and remember their lost one fondly.

An opportunity to relax

Hand-in-hand with the opportunity to laugh and smile comes our next point. Generally speaking, the reception after a funeral will be held in a less formal environment such as a village hall, pub or restaurant. 

While a church or crematorium might be used for certain services, the repass is often held in restaurants or homes. Simply, this change in environment allows for a more relaxing atmosphere, as opposed to the formal feeling created at the official service. Sometimes the venue for the repass is personal to the deceased one, perhaps their favourite restaurant or a place that holds significance and memories.

A repass is personal

As we mentioned above, the post-funeral reception allows for further personal touches to be added to the service. Hosting food and drinks at a family member’s home, or the person’s favourite restaurant, can provide an extra personal touch. If food and drinks aren’t desired, then simply gathering at a place of meaning after the service is an excellent gesture and a mark of respect.

Unlike crematoriums or churches where funeral services are held, a repass allows you to decorate the venue with tributes to your deceased loved one. For example, you can play their favourite music in the background, serve their favourite foods, drink their favourite beverage, and decorate the room with funny, happy, memorable pictures of them. Holding a repass, alongside a funeral service, is all about the celebration of their life. A chance for everyone to remember and talk about their defining moments, unique personality, happy times, life accomplishments and successes, as well as what they meant to all those attending.

A chance to reconnect

At a repass gathering it allows distant family members and old friends to bond and reconnect. As well as operating as an additional opportunity to celebrate and remember the deceased, a repass is also a great opportunity for bringing family and friends together. Sometimes we don’t see old friends, or distant family as much as we would like to, but when you are all brought together after the passing of a loved one that connects you all, it also opens up the chance to reconnect with people. It is a safe place to gather, reflect and share thoughts and memories.

Comfort loved ones and offer support

Most importantly, a funeral service and a repass gives a support system for grieving friends and family members. In conjunction with celebrate the deceased life, a repass is a chance to collectively gather, mourn and share their sorrow. 

Offer personal condolences

As the setting is more casual and informal, it puts us more at ease. It presents the perfect opportunity for mourners to approach and offer their personal condolences to family and loved ones on a one-to-one basis.

Bring closure to the process

By sharing this moment with loved ones and friends, it allows us to begin to bring closure to the grieving and funeral process. Sometimes it can feel as if people after a funeral jump into their cars and don’t want to talk, returning home to everyday life. However, a post-funeral reception is informal and gives people this opportunity to finish the day on a lighter note. If anyone is struggling with feelings of grief, being surrounded by caring loved ones can be of huge benefit.

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