creatice cremation services- image is of a cremation service

Ideas For Creative Cremation Services

Ideas For Creative Cremation Services After a cremation, it can be difficult to decide on what to do with a loved one’s ashes. You want to create a special and personal concept that will be memorable to you and your family, but it can be difficult to decide on what. Here at Cope Memorials,...

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An image of a graveyard, showing multiple headstones

Why Are Headstones Important?

Accepting that someone we love has gone is never easy, and no-one ever gets over it. Nor should anyone be expected to; it’s a heartbreaking part of life that everyone goes through at some point. Regardless of the kind of funeral you opt for, many people choose to commemorate their loved one with a...

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History of stonemasonry

A Short History of Stonemasonry

It is generally accepted that the practice of stonemasonry dates back thousands of years. Exactly when people started shaping rocks and stones is unknown, but it would be impossible to put together a comprehensive history without writing a book. For that reason, we’ve put together a very short history of stonemasonry, taking a look...

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A picture of a man carrying flowers to someone's memorial

Advantages of the Repass, or Post-Funeral Reception

What is a funeral repass? A funeral reception or repass is a gathering after a funeral service or memorial. Often these are open to everyone to attend. If so, then an invitation is announced prior to the funeral service, or at the end of the service by a clergy, family member or funeral director....

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A picture of a number of different memorials, showing a number of different style and colour options to consider when choosing

Choosing the Right Memorial

Choosing the right memorial is never an easy task. Irrespective of the difficulty of finding the right style to match the person in question, having to choose at a tough time personally makes it a very hard thing to do. That is why Cope Memorials have put together a small advice post, to try...

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Baby angel sculpture for children's headstones

Choosing Children’s Headstones

As a parent, there is nothing more difficult than losing a child. Alongside the feelings of loss and hurt following their passing, you may also feel scared and overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing a headstone or memorial for your little one. Cope Memorials are here to let you know that you are not...

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A picture of a jazz funeral in New Orleans, one of many unique ritual rites and traditions from around the world

Funeral Rites and Traditions from around the World

Funeral rites are an extremely important practice to many cultures and religions, each with their own specific traditions that help family and friends come to terms with the passing of a loved one, bless the passage of the deceased into the afterlife, and grant those who remain the opportunity to grieve and heal together....

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A picture of a tree ornament, a way of remembering a loved one at Christmas

Remembering a Loved One at Christmas

We carry with us, at all times, the memories of those who have passed away. However, this can be particularly difficult during the festive season when we are surrounded by merriment and laughter but not the company of our deceased loved ones. Whether this is your first Christmas, or one of many spent grieving...

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A picture showing a beautiful wreath, one of things to consider when planning your funeral

Things to Consider When Planning Your Funeral

Relieving the strain on loved ones during a difficult time; ensuring that costs don’t run too high; having clarity on your final wishes; these are just some of the many reasons why more people are arranging their own memorial service. We understand that for some it is a life-affirming experience whilst for others it...

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