Stonemasons in Ripley

Reliable Stonemasons in Ripley

For over 110 years, Cope Memorials has been providing trusted and dedicated stonemasonry services to the people of Ripley, truly making us the first and only choice in stonemasons for the area. We are absolutely passionate about creating premium quality headstones and memorials for our customers, passing down our expertise and knowledge through the generations to our current owner Alex Cope. Alex himself has accumulated over 20 years of experience crafting exceptional memorials and is always on hand to provide a thorough and considerate service for anyone requiring a commemorative piece for a departed loved one.

Here at Cope Memorials, we understand that every person has their own story to tell and, therefore, deserves a unique memorial that truly reflects their passions, interests, and personality. This is precisely why we are pleased to offer our Nottingham customers a broad selection of headstones that have been carefully crafted by our expert stonemasons. If you are looking for something in particular that isn’t available in our current catalogue, don’t hesitate to consult with our team and we will be happy to see what we can do for you. We have memorials that come with a range of optional extras and which suit a myriad of different budgets.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the stress of cemetery rules and regulations; we come strongly recommended by many churchyards within the Ripley area – including Amber Valley Cemeteries – and are highly literate in the regulations of memorial placement and installation. Consequently, we can offer unparalleled support and guidance when it comes to gaining permissions and following the correct process for your chosen cemetery.

No one else can truly describe a deceased loved one than the person or people who knew them best. Sometimes, however, you need that little springboard of inspiration to help you find your voice and put into words exactly what the departed means to you. We have, therefore, provided a dedicated online area with inscription ideas that you can use for the memorial or even as a foundation for a eulogy.

Some of the beautiful memorials and headstones that have been lovingly crafted by our team of stonemasons are available to view in our showroom; we are based locally to Ripley, so why not arrange an appointment to come and visit us? You can get in touch by giving us a call on 01773 602 187 or, alternatively, fill in our useful online query form.

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