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Things to Consider When Preplanning Your Memorial

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As we start the new year, it can be a great opportunity to get things in order. This may include starting to think about your own memorial arrangements. With many family members being left with the hard task of planning their loved ones memorial or headstone, with preplanning, you can create a design that you truly want. In this blog post, we take you through a few things to consider:



The location of your memorial is very important, with many people deciding to have it placed near to where they live or grew up. Additionally, with loved ones visiting regularly, it’s best to choose a cemetery which is easily accessible. It’s key to add that all cemeteries have different rules and regulations regarding placement, size, material etc, so it’s best to plan ahead if you’re wanting a specific design.



It’s common for families to struggle with inscriptions, especially when there were no wishes made by the deceased. To relieve some of the burden off your loved ones, it’s beneficial to think about what you may want on your headstone. Usually, headstones will be inscribed with your name, birth and death date and a few words to pay tribute, either with a poem, song or completely original wording. 



The main purpose of your headstone is to serve as a lasting tribute, which is why materials like granite and marble are used, due to being highly durable. Other materials can be used for non-conventional headstones. Click through to one of our previous blog posts where we discuss the different materials used for headstones and memorials. 


Cope Memorials 

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