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Alternative Funeral Options

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Throughout the years of working as stonemasons, we tend to notice and speak to our clients about the different funerals that they are having for their loved ones. It seems that the ‘traditional’ funeral, where attendees wear black and the service follows a religious path, could be taking a shift. In this blog post, we take a look at some alternative funeral ideas:


Celebration of Life

A celebration of life is a gathering of friends and family where individuals can reminisce on the good times and celebrate the life of their loved one. It can be held after a funeral, or instead of. For those who choose to have a celebration of life, families tend to have a direct cremation beforehand. Instead of having to focus on the sadness of saying goodbye, a celebration of life is a positive send off. 


Unique Funeral Locations 

While most aren’t aware that it’s possible to hold a funeral at different locations, it’s certainly increased in popularity. As long as you have the permission from the owner of the location, there are no rules on where a funeral can be held. Funeral options can include: burial at sea, at home, natural grounds and many more. 


Colourful attires 

A recent survey from the Co-op Funeral Care suggests that 87% of their funeral directors conducted a funeral where guests wore colourful outfits, with some being fancy dress themed. It’s very common for family and guests to wear their loved ones’ favourite colours, as it brings a sense of comfort and joy to an otherwise sad day. 


Cope Memorials

While funerals may be changing, a headstone and memorial plaque will always be a lovely way to remember your loved one. Here at Cope Memorials, we hold over 100 years of passed down experience in stonemasonry and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service throughout the experience. If you require a high-quality headstone or memorial, please give us a call today on 01773 602 187. Moreover, you can fill out our online enquiry form where a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

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