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Choosing Children’s Headstones

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As a parent, there is nothing more difficult than losing a child. Alongside the feelings of loss and hurt following their passing, you may also feel scared and overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing a headstone or memorial for your little one. Cope Memorials are here to let you know that you are not alone; below, we have put together five key considerations that will help you when looking at children’s headstones:

Take Time to Breathe

First and foremost, the most important thing to remember is that there is no time limit or deadline for when your headstone or memorial needs to be in place; give yourself time to process the loss and deal with your grief before you even begin looking at children’s headstones. Choosing a memorial is a very emotional journey for you and your family, which is exactly why you need to first give yourself the opportunity to heal before anything else.

Think Carefully about Your Words… but Don’t Feel Pressured

There is such finality to memorials and headstones that many parents will undoubtedly feel pressure to find the perfect words which will forever immortalise the memory of their child. In moments such as these, when you feel completely overwhelmed by the task at hand, simply take a step back and remind yourself of the purpose of this tribute; the headstone will be a dedicated place where you can come and remember your precious one, therefore, all you need to worry about is making the words personal and meaningful to you and your family. This could be a favourite saying of your little one or a reference to a special memory that you shared. If you are struggling for ideas why not take a look at our inscription ideas page to gain some inspiration and help you find the right words.

Check the Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery

Many churchyards and cemeteries have strict rules and regulations regarding what adult and children’s headstones, memorials, and gravestones that can be put up on the grounds. Avoid potential heartache by checking these regulations before arranging for a headstone to be installed, as failure to comply could result in the cemetery asking you to remove the memorial. 

Don’t Impulse Buy or Rush Your Choice

Although the headstone you have found may be the most extravagant option available, it doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you and your little one. Take the time to look through catalogues, review font samples, discuss designs, and learn about the different materials available. You may even want to deviate from the existing catalogue and go for something more personalised or, perhaps, a completely bespoke design.

Consult Stonemasons Who Are Experts on Children’s Headstones

We cannot emphasise enough how crucial it is to find and form a relationship with stonemasons who specialise in children’s headstones. They can offer advice and recommendations on a range of factors such as lettering, stone choice, and cemetery regulations, as well as providing general guidance on the memorial process. Cope Memorials and Little Star Memorials come highly recommended by many cemeteries across the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region, meaning that you can trust us to guide you through the practical elements of headstone installation.

Little Star Memorials are a sister company of Cope Memorials specialising in baby and children’s headstones and memorials. Their dedicated payment instalment plan offers complete flexibility, meaning that customers don’t have to compromise on their choice of memorial and can give their little one the tribute that they deserve. To learn more, just call Alex Cope and his team on 01773 602187 or complete the Little Star Memorials online enquiry form.

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