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Three Simple Tips for Writing a Funeral Speech

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After losing a loved one, a funeral is a chance to celebrate their life, and there are many ways to bring personality into the service. Funeral readings, often referred to as a eulogy, offer family and friends the opportunity to express their feelings and memories that honour the deceased. When being asked to give a reading at a funeral, it can be difficult to know what to say. In this blog post, we take you through some things to consider when writing a funeral speech.


Remember to Introduce Yourself

At the beginning of the reading, it’s important to introduce yourself and say how you know the deceased. Some attendees at the funeral may not know who you are, so it’s wise to give some context. 


Keep It Short

For most, funerals are emotionally draining, so there’s no need to speak for a long period of time as emotions are understandably heightened. Keeping a reading short and sweet will hold the room’s attention, in addition to making it easier to get through. If you’re wanting to read a poem, it’s recommended to keep it to two or three verses. Additionally, it’s important to add that most funeral venues will allocate a specific time for a funeral. If you’re still unsure, the funeral director will be able to direct you.



While it’s common to include funeral readings that have been prepared by someone else, it can be fitting to write them yourself, as it allows you to be personal. This may include stories of the deceased, your memories with them, their personality – all of which will provide comfort to family and friends in the audience.


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