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What Are the Different Types of Memorials?

image of different styles of headstones

Here at Cope Memorials, we know just how individual and personal memorials can be. When you lose someone, it can be comforting to some to celebrate their life with a memorial. Due to a wide range available in today’s society, we’ve created a guide where we go through some of the most favoured. 


Cremation memorials

Cremation urns are a popular memorial for most. Urns are decorative containers used to store your loved ones ashes. Usually in the shape of a vase, urns can be made from an array of different materials, such as wood, ceramic, stone, glass etc. They are usually kept at home, where they can later be scattered or buried if you choose to do so. 


Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques provide a long-lasting memory of your loved one. The plaque can be placed as a standalone piece, or it can accompany another memorial such as a tree or bench. Typically made out of metal or stone, they feature inscriptions which have the person’s name, birth date and death date, but it can be completely personalised by you. If you’d like further advice on inscriptions for memorial plaques, just click through to this page


Headstone Memorials

Also known as a gravestone, a headstone is another long-term memorial that is placed over the grave to commemorate them. It also features inscriptions, with headstones being favoured if you’re wanting long transcripts, as there is more space than a memorial plaque. At Cope Memorials, we can also engrave detailed designs and images of your choice, just take a look at our current collection of headstone memorials. It’s important to mention that there is typically a gap in-between the burial and the placing of a headstone (6-12 months) as the soil needs to settle beforehand. 


Cope Memorials

No matter what memorial you’re wanting, we’re sure to be able to help here at Cope Memorials. As a family run business, we’ve been making headstones and memorials for over 115 years, offering high-quality work carried out by skilled craftsmen. Please get in touch with us today on 01773 602 187. Additionally, you can fill out our online enquiry form where a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

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