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Online Memorial Websites & Social Media Profiles

Online memorials have become increasingly popular over the last decade – millions of people have created one for their departed loved one as a way to recognise and remember them.

What is an online memorial?

An online memorial is a website that has been created for a deceased person. It provides a central location for family and friends to visit, share stories, fond memories, photos, as well as comfort one another and grieve.

The memorial can remember online for life or be available only for a specific period of time.

Originally, online memorials surfaced on the internet during the late 1990s, predominantly for well-known people in the world. This has now evolved into being available online for anyone who wishes to pay tribute to their departed loved one and ensure they are remembered.

What is included on an online memorial website?

Typically, the content published on an online memorial includes a biography, photos, and any stories posted from family members and friends. This can also be extended to include a timeline of key events in their life, along with any favourite music, and even videos.

Other features include visitors sending condolences and support in the form of candles and acceptance of thoughts. Furthermore, some online memorials also direct visitors to the departed person’s favourite charity or cause, encouraging visitors to make a donation as an alternative to sending funeral flowers.

How can I make an online memorial?

Website memorials

There are two ways in which you can make an online memorial. Either create your own independent site, or by using an established memorial site, which is what many choose to do. Memorial sites are easy to use, create and personalise; it can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Social Media memorials

Alternatively, you remove or turn the deceased person’s Facebook profile into a memorial for free when you show proof of death. Once a Facebook page is memorialised, any sensitive information will be removed, but friends and family can still post memories or condolences.

You can also turn Instagram accounts into memorial pages. On Twitter, you can request to get your departed loved ones profile removed or deactivated.

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